Adopt A Community

Cecil Dale



Our Vision is to start healthy, growing, and dynamic Southern Baptist Churches throughout central Kansas, and to establish at least one dynamic and exciting Home Bible Study in every incorporated community in central Kansas, so that individuals and communities may be transformed in Christ.


Our Mission shall be to for each of our existing congregations to "adopt" a community with the goal of seeing that community start a new Church or a new Home Bible Study.

How do we select a community to "adopt?"

  • PROXIMITY - Look for a community that is near your church that does not already have an SBC Church or Home Bible Study in it.
  • NATURAL CONNECTIONS - Look for a community that may have natural connections with your community or congregation.  Perhaps your two communities share a consolidated school district, one is a bedroom community of the other, or they cooperate in some other way.  Perhaps your church has members who live in another community, or your church members know people in the other community.
  • LACK OF EVANGELICAL WITNESS - Look for a community that does not have an evangelical church.  An evangelical church would be a church from a like-minded denomination, such as the Evangelical Free Church, the Christian Missionary Alliance, etc. 

What do we do when we "adopt" a community?

  • PRAY - Begin praying in earnest as a congregation for that community.  Pray that God would move in that community.  Pray that God would reveal people of peace that your congregation can assist and work with to start a Home Bible Study. 
  • LOOK - Look for natural connections between your congregation and your adopted community.  A natural connection may be someone who travels from your adopted community to attend your church.  It may be a family member or friend of one of your congregation members that lives in your adopted community.  Pray that God would move in the hearts of these people, and use them to help start a Home Bible Study and/or be part of a new Church start.
  • GO - Send Mission Teams to your adopted community.  These could be Prayer Walking Teams, Evangelistic Block Party Teams, Survey Teams, Backyard Bible Club and Vacation Bible School Teams, Sports Clinic Teams, and Service Project Teams.  The purpose for these Mission Teams is to meet needs in Jesus' Name, and to cultivate relationships.  Some of these relationships could develop into souls won to Christ, core groups for new churches, and hosts for Home Bible Studies.
  • TEAM UP - Team up with another church to "adopt" a community together.  This is especially effective for smaller congregations with limited resources.  Also, let the Association know so that we can pray, resource, and assist you.



  October 2020  
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