Mission, Vision, & Core Values Statement


The purpose of this Association shall be to assist the local churches in fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment of our Lord and Savior.

The aim of Central Baptist Association is to empower teams to be effective in accomplishing the Kingdom task given to each congregation.  As an association of churches and congregations we choose to cooperate so that we can 1) start new work in central Kansas, 2) strengthen our churches; 3) support the leadership.



  • The Central Baptist Association envisions a day when every person in Central Kansas can find a healthy, growing, and dynamic Southern Baptist Church within 45 minutes travel time or less from their home.
  • We envision an association where every incorporated community has at least one Southern Baptist Home Bible Study.


  • We envision an association where all of our churches are experiencing Kingdom growth, not just transfer growth.
  • We envision an association where lives are being transformed daily because of the ministry and discipleship of our member churches, and as a result, our communities are transformed as well.
  • We envision an association where new church leaders and church planters are being discovered and trained up in our member churches.


  • We envision an association where evangelism and ministry by member churches expands beyond the association's geographic borders to the very ends of the earth.
  • We envision a day when our association has grown so much that it must sub-divide into multiple associations.


Core Values Statement

Connected (instead of Lone Rangers)

Intentional (instead of by accident)

Servanthood (instead of self)

Transformation (instead of stagnant)