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After the reservation form is submitted, an email from will be sent with additional information about picking up the block party trailer. If you do not receive an email within 3 days, please call 620-617-1156

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Q’s & A’s for Use of

Associational Block Party Trailer


What is it?

The Block Party Trailer is an evangelistic tool provided by the Central Baptist Association of Kansas with funds provided through our churches, the Baptist State Convention of Kansas and the North American Mission Board.  The Block Party Trailer contains many tools and resources that can be used to reach our communities for Christ.  These items are detailed on the planning sheet that is in the current edition of the association’s block party manual.  In addition to the trailer and its contents, our director of missions or other trained persons are available to help facilitate effective evangelistic events.  Churches of the Central Baptist Association can use this trailer for the purpose of evangelism.  Southern Baptist Churches outside of Central Association may reserve the trailer if it is not being used by a CBA church. Reservations can be made no more than 90 days in advance by non CBA churches. To reserve the trailer, complete the online reservation form. The calendar on the website will show the availability of the trailer as well.


How much does it cost?

  1. For Churches who are a part of  Central Baptist Association the cost is  $50 per usage for up to a two-day event plus $20 for each additional day to help replace supplies and other resources. (There is no charge for travel days.)  Make your check payable to the associational office.  A scholarship may be available if needed.   

For Southern Baptist Churches from other associations, the cost is $100 per usage for up to a two-day event plus $20 for each additional day.

  1. If there is damage (other than normal usage wear) the church may need to pay for replacement of broken item(s). 
  2. Each church is responsible to provide game prizes.
  3. The cost to use the popcorn and/or the snokone machines only is $25.

Where is the trailer housed? 

The Block Party Trailer is housed at First Southern Baptist Church 3301 – 19th Street, Great Bend. Groups using the trailer are responsible for picking up and returning the trailer to this location. Contact CBA office to make arrangements to pick up the keys.

Who are the Consultants?

Our primary Block Party Trailer Consultant at this time is our director of missions.  Others will serve as they are trained.  Once a group reserves the trailer, the consultant will then get in touch with the church that desires to use the trailer.  For the first two block parties a church hosts, the consultation will involve one meeting with the church, preferably 2 months prior to the event.  The purpose of this consultation is to foster new ideas in the planning stages of the party.  Then, the consultant will also be on hand at the time of the event to answer any questions and to help insure that the equipment is used properly.  The role of the consultant is not to do the work that is necessary to do an effective evangelistic block party but to consult.  

What steps are necessary to use the trailer?

         Step 1     Submit your signed Block Party Trailer Reservation Form to the Associational Office as far in advance as possible along with the requested fees (see page 1 – How Much Does it Cost), the hold harmless agreement, and “certificate of liability” from your church’s insurance company. Please Note: Certificate of liability must be provided to the associational office before the trailer can be picked up that lists the association as “additional insured.” Contact your property insurance agent to make arrangements for the $300,000 minimum per occurrence liability insurance. Central Baptist Association must be listed as “additional insured” during your use of the trailer. A copy of the proof of insurance is necessary and must be received at the associational office 10 days before the trailer can be picked up. You will receive written confirmation that your date is confirmed.  You can look at the calendar on the CBA website to check for available dates.


Step 2  Please refer to the CBA website for additional information on the block party manual.  View the video training available on the CBA website at and go to “links”.

Step 3  Contact your local township/municipality to see if any permits are necessary to conduct a block party at your chosen location. 

Step 4  Expect a call from our Block Party Consultant and allow some time to meet with him/her.  If you have already assembled a team to coordinate the block party it would be ideal if they could be at the consultation meeting.  Many of our churches might choose to have a church-wide Block Party training at this juncture. 

Step 5 Plan your block party using the principles and planning helps in the “Block Party Resource Manual” and the A-G Special Evangelistic Events Formula.

Step 6  Make arrangements to pick up the trailer.  Make sure the transport vehicle meets the following tow requirements:

  • ¾ ton full-size truck is recommended and trailer hitch
  • Hitch must be at a minimum class 3 (500 lb tongue weight with 5,000 lb load capacity). Class 4 is the best if possible (1,200 lb tongue weight with 12,500 lb load capacity).
  • Hitch ball size must be 2 5/16 inches. There is a 2 5/16 hitch ball included in the trailer.
  • Light hook up is a standard 6 pin with electric brakes. 

 Step 7  Set Up your Block Party. There are electrical cords available for the popcorn, sno cone machines,  and the equipment if electricity is available. Two generators are available if no electricity is available.

Step 8   Conduct your Block Party.    

Step 9   Properly clean all concession equipment. Follow cleaning directions closely. 

Step 10  Return the trailer back to the storage location in the same condition as when picked up (or better). 

Step 11  Report to your consultant any damage or supplies that need to be replenished.   

Step 12  FOLLOW-UP on all prospects using LEVEL 2: Block Party Training principles.  

(NOTE: Please pass along to the Associational office any photos, video clips, or statistical information (use Tally Sheets from manual or the EXCEL spreadsheet on resource disk) about your block party.  This information will be used to help other churches in our associations.